Traditionally, the businesses were conservative in adopting new technologies but now that the market trend is changing so fast they are adopting to it. Instead of using the traditional back office enterprise they are using the end user technological upgrades. This development helps all the business stakeholders and several vertical heads like consumers and suppliers across the value chain.

The transformation has been largely derived by the technological advancements in the past decade, several digital platforms like Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC). The newly adopted CRM likes Sales Force, Oracle E-business Suite, Zoho CRM, etc. are the paragon of new age technology adopted for the flawless operation in Sales & Services Industry.

There are some key drivers for the implementation of this kind of radical change that are instrumental in creating a digital generation for the businesses.

How Does It Work?

Drivers Before the Implementation Digital Generation
Ease of Access Single Application Accessibility Multiple Channels Availability
Detailing Detailed summary regarding workflow, interactions with the clients backed by Business Intelligence reports Quick, Easy & Actionable App linked with Social Media
Efficient & Economical Model The Application is quite economical & hosted onsite only It is based on cloudification of premises, Hybrid Cloud

1. Analytics

Applications relying on thorough data analytics have been the biggest boon to provide real time decision making tool. For instance, a manufacturing application helps to predict a high level of accuracy that amounts to accurate production planning. It includes task reporting such as: goods that need to be purchased, time of delivery, current trends, operational facilities, budgeted cost, etc. The utility of such tools is any day better than the conventional practices.

Prime Highlights:

– Real Time Analysis of large volume data that includes the variety & value.

– Basic Performance Test of endurance & scalability.

– To ensure the right access to the right person.

– Better & Simpler User experience.

2. Mobility

Several Enterprise Apps are based on the devices that have been around for some time and have a typical user who uses the conventional form of internet using laptops and desktops. Mobility includes the revolutionary services based on the mobile platform with applications relying on harnessing the most out of mobile users. Information exchange is fast, easy and high user penetration is possible.

Prime Highlights:

– Easily highlight the key aspects of performance engineering in certain applications.

– Availability & Validity of multi-tasking scenarios.

– Platform compatibility assurance.

3. Collaboration

In an enterprise application, Collaboration is a key feature that is responsible for targeted and precise workflow based applications that work through several communication channels like social media, phone calls, emails, etc. The rising factor in several digital technologies such as social media pages and apps is that it can be managed with the several enterprise applications. These technologies are indeed much faster and mostly used for quick decision making purposes with actionable insights.

Prime Highlights:

– Agreeable information exchange to gain business insight.

– Implementing a policy that includes the compliance & security assessment.

– Performance testing for integrity & reliability.

4. Cloud

The Cloud Based technologies have had the largest impact on several applications- The Companies like Salesforce, Zoho, Instream, etc. have been the pioneers of Cloud technologies. Many of the well-known organizations are now shifting from hosting services to hybrid cloud technologies. In an organization, many units are broadly classified into several applications that have a unique delivery model like hybrid and public.

Prime Highlights:

– It is critical to have a multi-platform assurance that increases the compatibility with several other platforms.

– To ensure the right access to the right person.

– Based on Scalability, performance test and optimization of the resources.