In the present time, the businesses are running with software applications and thus it must running optimally at all the time with the highest priority on top. APM is application performance management for monitoring and managing the performance of your code, application dependencies, transaction times, and overall user experience. There are three types of monitoring and managing apps and the list of top application performance monitoring tools.
The biggest enterprises have required top application performance monitoring tools for constant monitoring the system. There are IT operations have been utilizing performance tools for managing that system running faultlessly.
APM tools ensure that developers are on the right track towards the application development. To check and operate the performance of a mobile application, it requires collecting and monitoring lots of types of data.


There are three types of APM monitoring tools; APM Metrics based, Code level performance and Network based. You can get that how many requests your app gets and potentially which URLs might be slow by monitoring use of APM metrics tool. Stackify and retrace are typical types of products you think of, based on code profiling and transaction tracing.

1) New Relic APM

New Relic is one of the most leading SaaS-based and utmost demanding in the industry for application performance management. Most recently added infrastructure monitoring, mobile apps, advance browser performance are also using New Relic APM.

⇒ Language support: .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP.
⇒ Cross-application tracing
⇒ Code-level diagnostics
⇒ Track performance of individual SQL statement

2) AppDynamics

AppDynamics the well-known and top application performance monitoring tool where SaaS APM and on-premise both options are utilizable for largest enterprises for monitoring performance. The clear visibility into exactly how application performance is affecting your business from driven by AppDynamics. It monitors application performance and then derives insights into how application performance is impacting business operations.


⇒ Language support: Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Node.js, C++
⇒ End-to-end transaction tracing
⇒ Code level visibility
⇒ Dynamic baselining and alerting

3) Stackify Retrace
An affordable SaaS APM tool which designed to keep developers in mind. It is designed to help developers to optimize the performance of their applications in QA and retrace application problems in production via very detailed code-level transactions traces. Retrace APM is very comfortable for the long size of developer team to use the tool.


-> Languages: .NET, .NET Core, Java
-> SaaS-based
-> Integrated errors & log management
-> Detailed code level transaction traces
-> Optimized for developers
-> Easy to use and install

4) Scout (Solar winds)
Scout provides a good APM for Ruby on Rails. However, it requires expansions into their “Server Monitoring” and “DevTrace” offerings for a fully rounded solution. The lack of other available languages makes this APM product somewhat niche.


-> Languages: Ruby on Rails
-> Memory Leak Detection
-> Slow Database Query Analysis
-> Github Integration
-> Automatic Dependencies Population

5) Riverbed SteelCentral
Riverbed’s SteelCentral is another Enterprise Class APM solution. Multiple Riverbed components are required to get the same in-depth results that come from other singular solutions. The SteelCentral AppResponse, AppInternals, and Portal are all required to get a holistic view that you get through many other products.


Reliability: Issues interfering with the deployment and use of the product has made its use reduced in scope.


-> Languages: .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails
-> End-user experience monitoring
-> Transaction analysis
-> SLA configurations, alerting, and reporting capabilities
-> Track performance by application, user, transactions, business division, and location

6) Dell Foglight
Dell Foglight provides User Experience monitoring and to check in depth a connection mapping between applications and databases. Quest a creates the better baseline for the APM requirements, but the interface can be somewhat confusing to find the details you are looking for. List of application performance monitoring tools either beneficial or costly to lift for routine use.


-> Languages: .NET, Java, AJAX, IBM WebSphere WQ
-> Trans Action Recording
-> User Experience Monitoring
-> SLA Dashboards
-> Funnel analysis of multi-step transactions linking directly back to page content data

7) IDERA Precise
IDERA has made its name through deep SQL Monitoring capabilities. Precise is no different, leveraging the deep Database structure IDERA has expanded Precise into true APM solution. IDERA is known for having an intuitive dashboard and allow for quick insights, Precise uses these dashboards to make it one of the best APM Monitoring Toolsavailable today.


-> Languages: .Net, Java
-> End-to-end transaction visibility quickly isolates issues anywhere in the stack
-> Recommended corrective actions
-> Historical analysis and trending
-> Database stores contextual details to correlate transactions
-> Scalable performance for mission-critical business processes
-> Multi-platform support spans a diverse range of systems

8) Nastel
Nastel provides another out of the box solution for deep APM analytics and discovery. However, Nastel is a middleware-centric business transaction tool. And most APM vendors focused on that Middleware business transaction. Very rare to get proper and precise search for checking your code-level performance and test, it is to get the best to go with top application performance monitoring tools to get the better idea of moving on.


-> Languages: .Net, Java
-> Real-time monitoring with sub-second analytics
-> Pre-built processing rules and dashboards
-> Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine for advanced application analytics and rules

9) Loupe
An APM with an easy setup and powerful features. Loupe is an effective, feature-packed application performance management tool. Aimed at enterprises and IT administrators, this solution lets you trace events, performance and other metrics to work out the causes of issues affecting software negatively.


The system also gives you a visual understanding of your application usage and offers insights into bottlenecks that can subsequently be tackled. It’s easy to get up and running with this system, as you don’t have to install anything onto your servers – the setup process is very nicely streamlined.


-> Languages : .NET, PHP
-> No installation necessary, quick setup
-> Group events and find bottlenecks

10) SmartBear (formally Lucierna)
SmartBear Absorbed Lucierna’s APM into its AlertSite offering that is geared specifically towards REST and SOAP APIs. This limitation along with pricing makes this a niche APM product geared towards a select market. SmartBear is poised to expand this product creating a major player in the Application Performance Management vendors.


-> At this time they are somewhat limited in scope, however API monitoring is superb.
-> Monitoring APIs continually throughout the CI cycle and detecting and fixing issues early on contributes to continuous deployment and DevOps initiatives.
-> Monitors chained API transactions where the APIs need to be invoked in sequence, and contextual data needs to be passed from one call to the next.

To conclude the discussion, the above list of top 10 application performance monitoring tools are utilized for development code check and test too! Retrace is also very affordable while still providing common features needed to optimize and monitor the performance of your apps.